Separation wall with plate


The walls are an effective anti-virus barrier. They enable effective separation of the customer from the service and other people, increasing the safety of everyone in the room. They are perfect for workplaces, restaurants, banks, pharmacies, hairdressing salons and supermarkets.

The walls are available in several versions. These can be mobile systems with wheels or stationary systems with legs. They can be combined in a modular way, extending the entire structure if necessary. Any printing is possible on the PVC board. It is possible to paint the profiles and bases in any color according to the RAL palette and order a different size.

Product advantages:

possibility of joining segments into longer structures

easy to transform into an advertising wall

there is a variant with wheels for mobility

the possibility of painting the profiles in any color from the RAL palette

it is possible to evaluate an individual dimension according to the client's needs

Example dimensions [cm]:

Separation wall with plate sizes