Disposable Face Mask

Indoor and outdoor use.

A three-layer disposable protective mask made of bacteriostatic non-woven fabric (outer layers) and a middle layer made of a dense insulating and filtering membrane. The mask is an anti-drip barrier and provides a high level of antibacterial and anti-dust filtration. Made of materials suitable for sensitive skin. A wire in the upper part of the mask ensures a perfect fit to the face.

Elastic bands with easy stretch ensure comfort and minimize pressure when wearing masks for a long time. Available in blue. The product complies with the EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 standard. It has a CE certificate.

Product advantages:

nose modeling insert

material friendly in contact with the skin

certified quality

three layers of high-quality polypropylene non-woven fabric

convenient to use

Example dimensions [cm]:

Disposable Face Mask sizes