Dispenser stand with a label

Printing technology: UV

Dispenser stand with a label. The dispenser base is made of very high quality materials. Aluminum profile with sides 4x4cm and a height of 150 cm and a steel base 30x30 cm weighing 4 kg ensure the stability of the structure, which can be painted in any color at the customer's request.

Equipped with a plate with graphics, which can also be any customer's graphics with a maximum size of 40x40cm, it perfectly complements the stand. Thanks to the plate used, we can provide information to the user about the need to disinfect hands or other important activities, such as covering the face, maintaining a distance.

Product advantages:

made of durable material

stable structure

possibility of printing a plate with your own graphics

height adjustment

Example dimensions [cm]:

Dispenser stand with a label sizes