Automatic dispenser for disinfecting liquid


Automatic hand disinfection dispensers are nowadays an indispensable element of office equipment, offices, shops, pharmacies, bars and restaurants, medical and beauty salons, gyms, swimming pools and many other public places. Thanks to the built-in infrared sensor, the dispenser applies a portion of the disinfecting liquid to the hand placed under the dispenser.

The fluid is applied in the form of a spray stream. The size of the fluid dose can be selected in the range from 0.7 ml to 1.4 ml per one portion. The dispenser is intended for liquid disinfectants. Made of high quality ABS plastic. It has a lid closed with a key with an inspection window showing the fluid level in the tank. A very large tank capacity of approx. 900 ml, which provides up to 1300 doses of liquid from one tank. Powered by batteries that will last for about 20,000 fluid doses. Batteries are not included.

Product advantages:

the batteries last for 20,000 uses

non-contact use

locking the cover with a key

durable and easy-to-clean ABS plastic

Example dimensions [cm]:

Automatic dispenser for disinfecting liquid sizes