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Used printing technologies allow us to digitally printing on roll materials such as vinyls, foils, papers up to a maximum width of 5m. Application depends only on your creativity.


Take advantage of the large format to display small things on a large scale. Banners are resistant to weather conditions and dedicated for long-term application on wide range of materials. Various finishing options for banner such as tunnels, weld, rings, Velcro and other solutions makes it easy to use banners on the walls of buildings, free-standing systems, facades, fences and more. Depending on materials, we are printing banners in Latex or Solvent technologies.

The most popular materials are:

FRONTLIGHT – the most popular material for one side printing, BLOCKOUT ideal for both side printing, BACKLIGHT for illuminated advertising and MESH – the lightest vinyl media of perforated mesh structure, with high permeability wind and sun.

Maximum print width in one piece is 500cm, larger sizes are welded without limitation to size.


We can print stickers which you can aplly yourself or we can apply stickers to the entire vehicle’s surface, both small and large – the size do not matter.  Foils can be used to windows, doors, floors. Tell us what you want to cover and we will help you choose an adequate material.

Depending on applications, we offer printing on:

MONOMERIC FOIL – Used with wrapping panels, flat surface without embossed, prints characterized by bright and vibrant colors.

POLIMERIC FOIL – ideal for wrapping flat surfaces with slight embossed.

CAST FOIL – the foil can be stretched, which offers vast possibilities of applying to surfaces with embossed areas, perfect for car wrapping.

OWV – perforated foil ideal for window.

ADHESIVE FOIL – dedicated for making easy-to-remove signs, descriptions and decorations on smooth glossy surfaces (such as glass, PET, PMMA, PC). The foil can be reapplied many times, it is easy to remove and leaves no traces.

EASY DOT – special DOT glue for easy application without air bubbles and can be reapplied without loosing its adhesive properities. The foil can be applied easily and quickly without special trainings, even while covering large surfaces.

MAGNETIC – easily  removable and does not damage the surface.

…and much more.


Paper gave rise to advertising and still is one of the most popular materials used in advertising. We offer a wide range of papers for large format printing, from billboard paper to large outdoor advertisements, backlit paper and posters in any format.

BLUEBACK PAPER – with blue back thanks to which previously sticked layers are not visible.

CITYLIGHT PAPER – with possibility of double sided printing for lightboxes.



Going to the fair? Be noticed. We offer ready to use solutions that display your company in effective way, from rollups up to mobile, easy to assembly pop-up walls.

ROLLUPS, X-BANNER, L-BANNER – the most popular solutions for mobile advertising.

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POP-UP WALLS – innovative exposition systems – mobile walls made of textile materials

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